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It Started with a . . .

Never people to let a harebrained idea slip by unexplored, Rick and Susan Picard have a lowly old hamper box to thank for the epiphany that became 'Taters'.
Susan was looking to diversify her successful 'Woman at Work, Creative Painting & Decorating' business and decided to search out pieces of furniture and artifacts that would benefit from her transformational talents. She found a hamper-type box in a second-hand store and brought it home, depositing it in the hallway. Rick, who was working in their home office, spied it and within ten minutes 'Taters - The Baked Potato Company' was born!

Rick had been thinking about launching a food-type business, had tossed around a few ideas, and at one point had tried to convince his mother to move to Hawaii with him and his family to flip burgers on the beach, (the idea was not well received), but he just hadn't found any kind of crazy combination that clicked. Until he saw the hamper box.
It was an old potato bin with a flip top to load spuds into and a drawer at the bottom that would have been used to store onions. On the lid was a picture of a potato - and the word 'Taters'...
Baked potatoes, healthy creative toppings, and a food truck - random ideas - jelled together in that moment and within weeks the company was well on its way to becoming reality. Specialty ovens were ordered, chefs were consulted to create interesting, mouth-watering toppings, local food sources were searched out and a crazy motorhome was purchased from a Vietnam vet in California (a story unto itself for another day). Eight months later Rick and Susan hosted an Open House, not just for their friends and neighbours but for anyone walking past their place, to sample baked potatoes and toppings served from the motorhome, now converted to a spiffy 'Taters' food truck. It was a resounding success!
Watch for 'Taters' at a venue near you...


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